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  Subject   : Han-A Tools Co., Ltd
Nickname : Han-A Tools Registered Date : 2011-05-27 10:03:10 Hit : 2463

We, Han-A Tools Co., Ltd completed our Multi-purpose Coping Saw blade and Diamond Sharpener through the last few years of study & development, it has been successful to the realize coming into the market as a complete localization. Also it is sold with the brand "Multi-purpose Magicsaw" and "Multi-purpose Diamond Sharpener".


We, Han-A Tools Co., Ltd have gained an ISO 9001 for manufacture and servicing of blade "MAGIC SAW" and registered a utility model & design, also have applied for an "INTERNATIONAL PATENT"(USA, CHINA) and patent pending in Hong Kong, Europe and have been increasing export countries.


Moreover, 2times won a prize at the REPUBLIC OF KOREA PATENT TECHNICAL CEREMONY (2001 / 2003), 1time won a prize at the TECHNICAL INNOVATION CEREMONY (2004). and awarded gold / silver medals (2006 / 2007) at "TAIPEI INTERNATIONAL INVENTION SHOW & TECHNOMART INVENTION CONTEST and designated as"a Promising Exporting Firm" by the small & medium Business Administration ROK.


As mentioned above we are receving recognization about the high technique from the inside and outside of the country. we will offer the best quality and service with constant efforts and trust.